Travel / Camping Clothesline

Product image 1The Original Shockloc fully adjustable camping travel clothesline, clothes line, washing line
Product image 2The Original Shockloc Slider tarp tie used on our camping travel clothesline so easy to adjust to length no knots no hooks
Product image 3Travel / Camping Clothesline
Product image 4The Original Shockloc Camping Travel Clothesline washing line great for awnings
Product image 5Travel / Camping Clothesline
Product image 6Travel / Camping Clothesline
Product image 7The Original Shockloc Travel Camping clothes line great for indoors or inside the van or caravan on rainy days
Product image 8The Original Shockloc Travel Camping clothes line easily strung up between trees
Product image 9Travel / Camping Clothesline
Product image 10The Original Shockloc Travel Camping clothes line easily strung up anywhere
Product image 11The Original Shockloc Travel Camping clothes line easily strung up between trees
Product image 12Travel / Camping Clothesline
Product image 13The Original Shockloc camping travel clothesline great for attaching to vehicles
Product image 14Travel / Camping Clothesline

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Consists of:

3.5mtrs x 5mm white/blue fleck shock cord (adjustable up to 5mtrs)

2 x 5mm Blue Shockloc Slider's

The 100% Australian made, fully adjustable Shockloc™ Camping / Travel Clothesline. You hang clothes and other wet stuff on it. Forget about dangerous hooks, complicated knots & non adjustable length camping / caravaning / Travel clotheslines, The Original Shockloc™ Clothesline is fully adjustable up to 5mtrs & can be secured to any shape or sized object with ease using the unique Shockloc Slider system. It is the only truly fully adjustable clothesline on the market. Simply tension the line then slide the Shockloc along the shock cord to achieve the required length, then Shock it 'n' Lock it & your ready anywhere anytime to hang your wet gear.

  • Injection moulded in Australia using UV stabilised ASA resin.
  • Premium 100% Aussie made marine grade multi strand elastic core.
  • HT polyester covers with a fine plait smooth construction.
  • Long life, wear resistance to abrasion & UV degradation. (Beware of cheap imports that break down in a few months).
  • Consistently allows over 100% elongation & recovery. (Will not loose it's elasticity no matter how much you stretch it).
  • Not affected by water.

Made from durable UV resistant resin & top quality 100% Australian made marine grade shock cord, The Original Shockloc™ Clothesline is re-usable, weather resistant & made to last. It has to be to stand up to the harsh Australian conditions.

No Knots, No Fuss!!!

Made in Australia




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