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The Original Shockloc is an Australian family business owned & operated by brothers Brad & Shaun in the Shoalhaven region on the NSW south coast.

The Original Shockloc was born of the need for an easier, safer & quicker way to secure loose items & to be able to release them just as quickly & without any fuss (or the excessive use of expletives) whatsoever.

We were sick of dangerous, poor quality occy straps that were never quite the right length & deteriorated after a few months of use. Sick of tying some previously undiscovered knot of our own creation that we could never seem to get undone (cue scissors) & sick of burning through endless packs of environmentally unfriendly single use cable ties (now where did I put those scissors?). How many cable ties do you see discarded on the ground at every single caravan park & camp site that you visit?

From humble beginnings back in 2016, we invested in a 3D printer & began our exhaustive prototyping & testing of the Shockloc in a 3x3mtr backyard shed & set out on our journey to create a premium quality Australian product that met with our own high expectations of what that product should be.

Shauny’s 20 years as a toolmaker & design engineer were invaluable, enabling us to take complete control in the design & make tiny modifications & have a new working prototype within hours.

In excess of 100 prototypes & a year later we had achieved what we had set out to do, creating a product that balanced safety, quality, strength & ease of use. The Shockloc was born!






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Brad & Shaun

The Original Shockloc Team.

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